You’re gaining momentum in your business: new clients and customers are starting to come in and things are looking promising! The income and expense transactions haven’t gotten too crazy yet, but you still need help keeping everything organized.

This plan *starts at $450 per month. Or enjoy 10% monthly savings if you prepay annually.

Perfect for:

● Established small businesses focused on growth.
● Small businesses that have seen significant growth in the number of income and expense transactions, with more expected growth.
● Small business leaders who need solid insights on their financial state for internalplanning

What you get in this monthly, fixed-price package:

● Free Initial Consultation
● Unlimited Support
● Bank Account & Credit Card Account Reconciliations – Up to 4 Accounts w/ 200 Transactions combined
● Accounts Payable Services including Data Entry, Processing and Paying Your Bills – Up to 25 Invoices/Bills
● Month-End Financial Statements & Report
● Filing Up to 5 Sales & Use Tax Returns
● Monthly Review Meeting
● Work Directly With Your Outside Tax Preparer and/or CPA, as Needed

Plus…there are NO fees to get you started!**
**If we need to go back and get your books current, that will require one of our A La Carte services: the Bookkeeping or Accounting System Catch-Up or Clean Up Project.

Need additional or different services other than those listed here? Check out our list of a la carte services and we’ll make sure we help you create the perfect package.

Don’t spend another minute drowning in numbers. Ditch the stress and frustration so you can move your business forward! Get started with a free, no-obligation consultation today.